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Mold Inserts On Demand

The adaptability of 3D printing.
For precision molds and inserts.

With Mold Inserts On Demand, we completely reinvented precision molds manufacturing. The process is taken on by us, at Nanogrande, and becomes a service you can rely on to deliver quickly and professionally. We eliminated much of the superficial money siphoning tasks and time-wasting operations. Advanced technologies like the FluidBed, laser machining, and nano polishing gives you a new level of speed and cost reductions. And with every order, you get ahead of your competition by providing a better service to your own customers. Which all adds up to a healthier business.

Mold Inserts On Demand. It's exactly what micro machining should be.

Created by Nanogrande. Powered by experience.

The current subtractive manufacturing process you are using for removing tiny pieces of metal, namely Electrical Discharge Machining or EDM while being absolutely necessary to your business, is inefficient and costly both in time and money. The reason we've created this service was precisely to solve the problem it poses.




Mold Inserts On Demand

up to

50%       10x

  Costs savings              Faster than EDM


Material mold inserts

Keep the good stuff. Discard the rest.

We absolutely wanted to give you the best experience and improve the results on your bottom line. But we didn't want to forget why you acquired an EDM machine in the first place. It is well known ''Even tough EDM machining is a slower process it has the ability to cut features that a traditional milling machine or lathe is not able to get to. And the accuracy that it has the ability to cut too is certainly higher.'' And so, we are able to obtain the same quality of features, surface finish and accuracy without the expensive cost in time and money.

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