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News by Nanogrande

Nanogrande Positions Their Additive Manufacturing Facilities to Serve the Fight Against the Pandemic

Posté le 20/03/2020


Montreal, Thursday, March 19, 2020 - Nanogrande's President and CEO, Mr. Juan Schneider, opens his company's development offices, as well as its additive manufacturing services, to serve the fight against COVID-19. All of Nanogrande's departments will be freed from their usual additive manufacturing tasks in order to actively participate in finding solutions and offering production services to fight the evolution of the pandemic. [...]

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Nanogrande joins Prox-Industriel's network, to help strengthen the Laval and Montreal business environment.

Posté le 04/02/2020

Juan Schneider and Stéphane Tanguay of Prox-IndustrielJuan Schneider and Stéphane Tanguay of Prox-IndustrielThis February 4th, 2020 marks another step towards making Quebec's businesses more collaborative and fortified. In our desire to make fabrication local, creative and synergetic, Prox-Industirel's mission felt like a perfect match; to bring businesses and people closer so we can contribute to each other's industrial, economic, and social growth.

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Nanogrande Joins the Nanotechnology World Association

Posté le 19/11/2019

Laval, Tuesday, November 19, 2019—Mr. Juan Schneider, CEO of Nanogrande, has joined his company’s forces with many others as a founding member of the Nanotechnology World Association (NWA). To accelerate the adoption of nanotechnology by different industries, Nanogande is joining this group to share its knowledge, resources, and tools with the most innovative companies in the industry.


We believe there is still a lot of work to communicate the benefits of nanomaterials,” said Schneider. “This international association will have the opportunity to support the adoption of the solutions provided by these materials and will help the actors of the industrial world to better understand the advantages of their use.


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Nanogrande at the ADM Toronto 2019 pannel debate

Posté le 10/06/2019
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Nanogrande officially launches the MPL-1a 3D printer for nanoscale metal powders

Posté le 03/12/2018

Montreal, December 3, 2018— In presence of more than fifty guests, the president and founder of Nanogrande, Mr. Juan Schneider, officially unveiled the MPL-1, the world first metal nanoscale 3D printer. Built around its patented technology – the Power LayeringTM—to form particle layers, MPL-1 makes nanotechnology accessible to a whole new market by opening the door for additive manufacturing.

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Posté le 10/11/2018

Atlanta, November 6, 2018 - Mr. Juan Schneider, president and founder of Nanogrande, officially unveiled the MPL-1, the world's first nanoscale metal particle 3D printer at Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta. Using an innovative approach to form particle layers, MPL-1 enabled with the Power LayeringTM technology, breaks down the barrier of materials and opens new horizons for additive manufacturing with true creative freedom.

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Winners of Formnext Start-up Challenge 2018 revealed

Posté le 25/09/2018

The winners of the Formnext Start-up Challenge 2018 have been revealed as 3DFortify, Aerosint, AMendate, Kumovis and Nanogrande. Now in its fourth year, the award honours companies founded within the last five years who demonstrate groundbreaking innovations in Additive Manufacturing.

 We are thrilled to have been chosen as a winner.


Juan Schneider, Founder and CEO of Nanogrande, stated, “It is a great privilege to introduce our technology and our products to Europe at the international exhibition on the next generation of manufacturing, the Frankfurt Formnext. […] We are convinced that Formnext is only the beginning of our adventure with Europe.”

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Nanogrande Wins 2017 Edition of Frontier Tech Showdown

Posté le 16/03/2017

With great happiness, Mr. Juan Schneider, Nanogrande’s CEO, received the Frontier Tech Showdown prize from Tyler Benster of Asimov Ventures, at the Inside 3D Conference in New York. This prize underlines the most promising startup in the 3D printing industry.

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Posté le 01/03/2017

The chairman and CEO of Nanogrande, Mr. Juan Schneider, is proud to announce the realization of a cooperative multiparty agreement that includes l’École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and Airbus-Safran Launchers. Backed by state-of-the-art research in nanotechnology, this agreement should allow the development of a surface treatment and manufacturing technology which is a specialty of Nanogrande.

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Nanogrande and CRITM sign a $1.6 million agreement

Posté le 20/02/2017

Laval, Monday, February 20, 2017—Mr. Juan Schneider, President and CEO of Nanogrande, is pleased to announce a close to $1.6 million research and development project that it will co-finance with its collaborators, which includes the Consortium de recherche et d’innovation en transformation métallique (CRITM), a financial partner of Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovations of Quebec, and McGill University, also a CRITM member. This agreement will allow the refinement of metal powders 3D production protocols used by Nanogrande’s nanometric printers. Furthermore, this agreement includes the delivery of printers that will be used, among others, by McGill University’s researchers within this process of refinement of the production protocols.

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