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Nanogrande Positions Their Additive Manufacturing Facilities to Serve the Fight Against the Pandemic

Posté le 20/03/2020


Montreal, Thursday, March 19, 2020 - Nanogrande's President and CEO, Mr. Juan Schneider, opens his company's development offices, as well as its additive manufacturing services, to serve the fight against COVID-19. All of Nanogrande's departments will be freed from their usual additive manufacturing tasks in order to actively participate in finding solutions and offering production services to fight the evolution of the pandemic. [...]


Mr. Schneider stressed that "[...] we are in a situation where all the actors who can help to bring about a rapid and effective end to the crisis must put their shoulder to the wheel.” He went on to talk the importance of industry collaboration. "We have expertise and equipment that can help provide innovative responses. At Nanogrande, we want to take an active part in the creation and production of tools or plastic and metal parts that hospitals, clinics and all other industries could need quickly. ’’


A leader in Quebec in the development of additive manufacturing equipment, Nanogrande is also at the head of a network of suppliers who are ready to coordinate their efforts to return to normal operations as quickly as possible.


"Indeed, we have our own workshop focused on 3D manufacturing tools. In recent years, we have also developed numerous relationships with a group of high-level collaborators capable of providing answers to urgent needs" added Mr. Schneider.


The company and its network will prioritize all requests for services that can help resolve this international crisis.


Nanogrande merges nanotechnology and additive manufacturing. It designs, produces and sells the only technology in the world to meet the market demand for high-resolution metal additive manufacturing.