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Nanogrande joins Prox-Industriel's network, to help strengthen the Laval and Montreal business environment.

Posté le 04/02/2020

Juan Schneider and Stéphane Tanguay of Prox-IndustrielJuan Schneider and Stéphane Tanguay of Prox-IndustrielThis February 4th, 2020 marks another step towards making Quebec's businesses more collaborative and fortified. In our desire to make fabrication local, creative and synergetic, Prox-Industirel's mission felt like a perfect match; to bring businesses and people closer so we can contribute to each other's industrial, economic, and social growth.

*** ''This is about helping each other succeed! Sometimes we have a problem that can be solved by someone just across the street and without a proper link, we might miss them completely.'' said Stéphane Tanguay of Prox-Industriel when he visited us today at our offices in Montreal.

''This is true'' told him Juan Schneider ''The first time we met a couple of years ago, it was exactly for that reason, I had just found out that for the past year in 2014-2015, I was wasting over 2 hours in traffic to buy a component I needed for my 3D metal printer while there was a better and closer supplier 20 feet from my office door-step!''

Because this is a problem many must face as well, Nanogrande's CEO gladly invested in a membership and will have the opportunity to connect with companies within the industrial fabrication niche located in Quebec.

 ***(Quotes have been paraphrased for consistency)