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From undersized to oversized

Posté le 15/11/2018

Small 3D printed metal gearsSmall 3D printed metal gearsDon Nelson of The Fabricator presents our Power Layering in this article.


The production of big and small parts intrigues me. The reason is because making an unconventionally sized part requires an extra dose of manufacturing know-how.

Extra thought must be given to handling oversized parts, for example, to prevent them from toppling and injuring operators. And large−often asymmetrical−workpieces can be difficult or impossible to mount on machines.

Smaller parts also pose workholding challenges. Typically they are too small to incorporate surfaces suitable for securing them to a machine. An additional concern is gripping force. Even the smallest amount of overgripping torque can damage a tiny workpiece.

My interest in oversized and undersized stuff extends to 3D-printed parts.