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News about Nanogrande

This is where you get the most recent news about what the organization is up to, the press releases and important updates.

We also include the following content:

  • Prizes and awards received
  • Partnerships and associations with other organizations in the industry
  • Internally produced content, videos and interviews

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Media Mentions

In this section, you'll find where Nanogrande has been mentioned by other resources and website with strong reputation in the 3D printing, technology and manufacturing industry.

What you can expect to see here:

  • Social media featured content from other accounts
  • Blog posts written by professional writers on specialized websites
  • Mainstream media coverage, radio, newspapers and television interviews of the company

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On this third branch of the news tab, you'll discover everything there is to know about the process and the scientific facts in the form of papers. All of which are downloadable in a portable document format - PDF.

Explore and read about:

  • Case Studies
  • White Papers that informs on a scientific level with specific details and research
  • Official updates on our technology both software and hardware

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