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Nanogrande, a company that sees far into the future

Nanogrande offers a disruptive technology for the 4.0 industrial revolution high definition manufacturing with its services, devices and powders. Our devices offer a wide range of freedom in design, as well as a broad variety in the materials that can be used. Our patented process allows the production of particle layers as thin as one nanometre, creating 3D objects with unprecedented definition. This way, we developed the world first nanoscale 3D printer!  

The multiple material capacity extends to size, shape and nature, which is currently impossible by other competing technologies. We therefore can work with metals, polymers and ceramics. These unique technological feats open us the door to manufacturing solutions that can claim a fair part of the fast-growing multibillion-dollar market of Metal injection moulding (MIM), precision metal casting, as well as passive components for Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). We are bridging nanotechnology and additive manufacturing.