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News by Nanogrande

CRIQ and Nanogrande Agreement

Posté le 10/05/2016

The Quebec Industrial Research Center (CRIQ) and Nanogrande reached an agreement to further develop and facilitate the commercialization of the first 3D printer to create objects from metal nanoparticles, polymers and organic materials as small as DNA molecules.

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Nanogrande files its first 3D printing patent

Posté le 04/05/2016

March 14, 2016, Nanogrande filed its first patent for additive manufacturing technology. This is the first application of a number of patents to be filed in the coming months.

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Nanogrande becomes a member of Quebec 3D Network

Posté le 17/02/2016

Nanogrande becomes a member of Québec 3D Network, an organization dedicated to pooling the experience of different actors of 3D printing in order to provide additional services ranging from execution of contracts to the training of highly qualified personnel with the aim of supporting Quebec to position itself in this sector of global expansion.

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Nanogrande becomes a member of Prima Quebec

Posté le 02/02/2016

Nanogrande becomes a member of Prima Quebec, an organization that acts as the central network for the development, support and facilitation of innovation and collaboration ecosystem to promote the development of advanced materials

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Nanogrande becomes a CRITM member

Posté le 06/01/2016

Nanogrande becomes a member of CRITM, the consortium for research and innovation in the development and processing of metals.

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Pancanadian research agreement

Posté le 03/03/2014

Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, three universities including Carleton University, the University of Alberta, Trent University and Nanogrande are part of a multidisciplinary research group for the joint development of a smart-release fertilizer. The research group wants to develop a technology capable of reducing the harmful effects of the lack of efficiency of nitrogen based fertilizers currently in use. Less than half of the nitrogen is actually arriving to plants, creating adverse effects such as the production of blue algae, death lakes and rivers, reducing biodiversity, increasing fertilizer consumption and the increase of production costs due to inefficient products. Nanogrande hopes to provide a real solution to the lack of effectiveness of existing fertilizers and reduce impact of humans on the environment.


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