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Nanogrande in the media

Canada Makes Year in Review - 2018

Posté le 10/01/2019

When the leaders of Canada Makes asked :

''Any announcements from the past year that grabbed your attention?''

Here's what one of them said about us


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2018 Top Stories / Canada Makes

Posté le 07/01/2019

Being part of Canadamakes Top Stories of 2018 is a great pleasure, along with:
(Left to right) Leading additive manufacturing experts at Canada Makes forum, the first ever winning team for the 3D Challenge (Lisa Brock and Yanli Zhu) and service provider Agile Manufacturing usage of Markforged 3D printers.


Read Full articles on their website:

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Winners of Formnext Start-up Challenge 2018 revealed

Posté le 04/12/2018

Metal AM also covered our success at Formnext!Winner at FormnextWinner at Formnext

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La fabrication à l’échelle nanométrique de Nanogrande

Posté le 26/11/2018

This time, the French magazine A3DM  on our technology that won a prize at Formnext.

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(FR Only) Les actualités de la fabrication additive présentées au Formnext

Posté le 23/11/2018

Our PowerLayering technology have been noticed at Fornext. Here's a text from that refers to it.

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Nanogrande brings ‘metal particle assembly’ to Additive Manufacturing market

Posté le 20/11/2018

Another text about the presentation of the MPL-1 in Metal-AM.

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From undersized to oversized

Posté le 15/11/2018

Don Nelson of The Fabricator presents our Power Layering in this article.

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Nanogrande Introduced First 3D Printer for Nanometer Metallic Particles

Posté le 14/11/2018

Launch of MPL-1 at Fabtech read it on


Nanogrande Introduced First 3D Printer for Nanometer Metallic Particles At FABTECH 2018 in Atlanta this week, Nanogrande officially introduced its new 3D printer. The MPL-1, enabled with the company’s Power Layering Technology, is actually the first nanoscale 3D printer for metallic particles in the world, and could successfully open up new 3D printing horizons. Nanogrande has spent years working to develop the new 3D printer.

“Power Layering, while maximizing particle compaction, allows MPL-1 to use particles of all shapes, sizes and types. With this approach, we can easily print with particles as small as a nanometer, but also particles of 5 microns, what the industrial sector is currently seeking. At this size, the particles stick to each other, virtually eliminating the need for support structures typical to 3D printing. In this way, there is a considerable reduction in post- printing costs,” said Juan Schneider, the President and Founder of Nanogrande.

“Today we are witnessing the culmination of a long process of research and development that has given us the chance to set up a team that generates many innovative ideas. Alone, it is possible to have excellent ideas; but, as a team, we can bring these ideas to life. I am very pleased to highlight the success of the efforts of the people who work for Nanogrande.”


Credits to : This snippet of the article written by Sarah Saunders was extracted from

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Posté le 14/11/2018

Interview with the founder of Nanogrande, read it in 

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