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 Model: MPL-1

250 cm3

Max Volume  

0.3 - 10 microns

Optimal Particle Size

≈ 1 min/Layer

Build Speed

Market Characteristics

Who does it serve


The MPL-1 unit is not your average 3D printer and is

intended for industrial fabrication only with a maximum

build size of 250 cm3. Some of its unique features include

Sub-micron resolution, Lowest porosity and, Highest density.


Of course, we know how difficult it is to find those specifications

on any 3D printer, but currently, the MPL-1 unit is exclusively

serving industries with low barriers to entry requiring metal

fabrication and small build sizes.







n°1 Watch Makers






n°2 Jewellery







n°3 Passive Electronic Components

Metal Powders

What do we use


For its maximum efficiency, the MPL-1 uses its own refillable, high-quality

powder and chemicals. They come in cartridges conceived in our

laboratories, where our chemists use the exact and perfect balance

of raw material and additives.


 To this day, we have tested the most commonly used metal

powders like Stainless Steel, Copper, Titanium and we are still

pushing the limits of our 3D printer.




Tested Materials

What do you need