Break the Boundaries with the Fluidbed Technology

Nanogrande is a leader in the development of ultra-high resolution and ultra-high precision additive manufacturing systems based on its unique, patented FluidBed layer deposition technology.

Unlike other AM systems, our systems can handle material layers from a few nanometers with variable layer sizes and a variety of layer fusion techniques.


Unique Approach

Our patented Fluidbed technology allows limitless material choices from metals, ceramics, oxides, and polymers for your innovative and complex manufacturing projects.


Where material choice was a limitation for your product, now we're making it a mere design preference.


With Fluidbed, you could save up to 50% of your total production expenses and 95 % of photoresists for the most efficient and low environmental impact.


The Fluidbed makes cost of ownership low, with the most optimal and efficient process.

Unrivaled Technology

Fluidbed produces films from micron to nanoscale with nanometer uniformity and angstrom surface roughness for photoresist deposition.


With Conformal and blanket deposition capabilities, this 3-in-1 technology equipment is the most advanced and fastest process for molecular scale manufacturing.


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