Electronics Manufacturing


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Best Fit


The ES 200 system was developed using our Fluidbed layer deposition to enable electronics packaging engineers to easily manufacture a wide range of devices needed for packaging chips such as cooling structures, cooling channels, various pin-out connectors, or even build a variety of 3d structures to house dies and then fill with connecting lines on our ES 300 systems.  The system is also equipped with laser ablation to contour components as well as ablation techniques when necessary. The system meets the most stringent environmental policies by allowing the use of up to 95% of metal, ceramic, and other material powders.


The ES 300 system is being used to fabricate both the substrate and the active layers on a multi-layer circuit board.  These boards can be developed from ceramics and or traditional FR4 materials using additive materials. We can print up to 20 layers which should meet the most demanding design applications. The applications for these boards range from low-temperature range FR4 boards that traditionally use the upper as a conductive layer to wide-temperature range ceramic substrates that often use silver conductive materials. Our system is preferred due to operating and curing on room temperature.  As for meeting the usual production requirements, we equip our system with lasers to create vias or break channels. 

Similar areas of application

No matter which electronics sub-segment you are working in, these systems can be applied in automotive, defense, aerospace electronics components, and board prototyping and production, to mention a few.